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The modular TLA7000 logic analyzer series provides the speed and flexibility you need to capture logic detail on today's fastest designs. Pinpoint the source of elusive errors and gain the visibility you want with large easy-to-read displays, fast data throughput, and time-correlated views of analog and digital signals through the same probe.
Key performance
  • MagniVu™ acquisition technology provides up to 20 ps (50 GHz) timing resolution to find and measure elusive timing problems quickly
  • Up to 156 ps (6.4 GHz)/512 Mb Record length timing analysis
  • Up to 1.4 GHz Clock with up to 3.0 Gb/s Data with a Data Valid window of 180 ps for state acquisition analysis of high-performance synchronous buses
  • D-Max® probing system with 0.5 pF capacitive loading eliminates need for on-board connectors, minimizes intrusion on circuits, and is Ideal for differential signal applications
  • PCI Express Gen1 through Gen3 including Gen3 Protocol to physical layer analysis for link widths from x1 through x16 with up to 8.0 GT/s acquisition rates and up to 16 GB deep memory (for x16 link)
Key features
  • 68/102/136 channel logic analyzers with up to 512 Mb record length
  • Glitch and Setup/Hold triggering and display finds and displays elusive hardware problems
  • Transitional storage extends the signal analysis capture time for signals that transition infrequently
  • Simultaneous state, high-speed timing, and analog analysis through the same probe pinpoints elusive faults
  • Trace problems from symptom back to root cause in real time across multiple modules by viewing time-correlated data in a wide variety of display formats
  • Comprehensive PCI Express probing solutions, including midbus, slot interposer, and solder-down connectors
  • Modular mainframes provide flexibility and expandability
  • Broad processor and bus support
  • MIPI protocol analysis
  • DDR2 and DDR3 debug and verification
  • Signal integrity
  • PCI Express debug from Protocol layer to Physical layer
    • Silicon validation
    • Computer system validation
    • Embedded system debug and validation
  • Processor/Bus debug and verification
  • Embedded software integration, debug, and verification

Breakthrough solutions for real-time digital systems analysis

Tektronix provides breakthrough digital systems analysis tools that enable digital hardware and software designers to capture and analyze the source of elusive problems that threaten product development schedules. The TLA7000 Series provides the speed you need to capture the source of those elusive problems, plus the visibility you want with large displays and fast system data throughput, while protecting your investment with compatibility with all TLA modules.

TLA7012 and TLA7016 mainframes

The TLA7012 Portable and TLA7016 Benchtop mainframes are modular mainframes that accept TLA logic analyzer and pattern generator modules. The TLA7012 and TLA7016 can be configured as either master or expansion mainframes to provide solutions for large numbers of buses and high channel-count requirements.

The TLA7012 Portable Mainframe offers a familiar work environment for the TLA application software. It provides multiple display capability for extended desktop viewing, in addition to an internal DVD-RW, hard drive, and multiple USB ports for expansion. A replaceable hard drive is standard, ideal for security or enabling individual team members to store personal setups and data. Trigger in/out connections provide an interface to other external instrumentation, such as Tektronix oscilloscopes, for correlating measurement results.

TLA7ACx and TLA7BBx modules

Today's digital design engineers face daily pressures to speed new products to the marketplace. The TLA7ACx and TLA7BBx Series logic analyzer modules answer the need with breakthrough solutions for the entire design team, providing the ability to quickly monitor, capture, and analyze real-time digital system operation to debug, verify, optimize, and validate digital systems. Hardware developers, hardware/software integrators, and embedded software developers will appreciate the range of capabilities of the TLA7ACx and TLA7BBx Series logic analyzer modules. Its broad feature set includes capturing and correlating elusive hardware and software faults; providing simultaneous state, high-speed timing, and analog analysis through the same probe; using deep state acquisition to find the cause of complex problems; real-time, nonintrusive software execution tracing that correlates to source code and to hardware events; and nonintrusive connectorless probing.

The TLA7BBx Series logic analyzer modules offer breakthrough MagniVu™ technology by Tektronix for providing high-speed sampling (up to 50 GHz) that dramatically changes the way logic analyzers work and enables new measurement capabilities. The TLA7BBx modules offer high-speed state synchronous capture, high-speed timing capture, and analog capture through the same set of probes. They capitalize on MagniVu technology to offer up to 20 ps timing on all channels, glitch and setup/hold triggering, and display and time stamp that is always on at up to 20 ps resolution.

To complement the high-performance logic analyzer modules, the TLA7ACx Series logic analyzer modules offer all the same debug and verification functionality, but with performance levels more suited to the embedded designer. The TLA7ACx modules offer high-speed state synchronous capture, high-speed timing capture, and analog capture through the same set of probes. MagniVu technology offering up to 125 ps timing on all channels, glitch and setup/hold triggering, and display and time stamp that is always on at 125 ps resolution is available as standard on all models.

Module Timing resolution State speed Memory
TLA7ACx 125 ps (8 GHz) Up to 800 MHz Up to 128 Mb
TLA7BBx 20 ps (50 GHz) Up to 1.4 GHz Up to 64 Mb

P6800 and P6900 series probes

With the industry's lowest capacitance, the P6800 and P6900 Series logic analyzer probes protect the integrity of your signal - critical for connecting to fast buses like DDR2 and DDR3 where low intrusion is key to the proper operation of your design. Select from single-ended and differential probes and a variety of attachment mechanisms, including the "connectorless" compression connection that eliminates the need for onboard connectors.

For applications where circuit board space is at a premium, the high-density P6900 Series with D-Max® Probing Technology offers the industry's smallest available footprint. For debugging the signal integrity glitches common on fast buses, the P6900 Series works with the TLA7BBx and TLA7ACx modules and their iLink™ Tool Set capability to provide iCapture™ simultaneous digital-analog acquisition. This allows you to clearly see the time-correlated digital and analog behavior of your design, without the extra capacitance and setup time of double-probing.

For differential signaling applications where signal integrity is critical, the high-fidelity P6980 and P6982 are perfect for those applications where noise performance is critical. In addition, the P6980 and P6982 can support the small voltage swings that differential signaling often requires. The P6962DBL, when used with a TLA7000 Series logic analyzer with the TLA7BBx module, supports digital validation and debug of DDR3 memory with data rates up to 1600 mega-transfers per second. For board designs that do not include high-density probe footprints, the P6960 with its companion flying leadset provides the flexibility required to meet many different debug needs.

AutoDeskew and Customer Deskew fixture

Tektronix recommends AutoDeskew, a standard feature available within the TLA application, for deskewing probe channels and setting the sample point for synchronous applications. However, for tight time alignment in both synchronous and asynchronous applications (including MagniVu), Tektronix recommends the Customer Deskew fixture. This is an optional accessory to the TLA7BBx modules that is used to perform a channel-to-channel deskew of the probes connected to the TLA7BBx module to ensure tight time alignment between all channels across all probes. Two different fixtures are available:

  • Customer Deskew fixture for P6800 series probes
  • Customer Deskew fixture for P6900 series probes

For ordering details, please see the Ordering information section.

TLA7SAxx PCI Express logic protocol analyzer modules

PCI Express 3.0 introduces new challenges for validation engineers. Time-to-market pressures require a solution that can quickly pinpoint problems. The TLA7SAxx Series logic protocol analyzer modules provide an innovative approach to PCI Express validation that spans all layers of the protocol from the physical layer to the transaction layer.

Reduce your time to information by viewing and searching up to 16  GB deep memory in just seconds with rapid display updates enabled by our industry-leading hardware acceleration. With improved information density you can then quickly ascertain the health of the system and identify patterns of interest (errors, specific transactions, ordered sets, etc.) with statistics using the Summary Profile window. Protocol behavior can be viewed at the packet and transaction level interspersed with physical layer activity in a single innovative Transaction window. Further insight into physical layer details can be gained with the unique Listing window showing packet details at the symbol level by lane and you can view individual lane activity correlated with analog waveforms from your high-bandwidth oscilloscope in the Waveform window.

Hardware developers, hardware/software integrators, and embedded system designers will appreciate the tight integration with the Tektronix Logic Analyzer. This provides visibility of complete system interactions with time-correlated, multibus analysis on a single display. Cross triggering and a common global time stamp enables accurate and efficient debugging by showing exactly what was happening on one bus relative to another at any given instant of time. Coupled with the P67SA00 Series probing solutions, engineers have flexible options for platform accessibility.

Refer to the TLASA00 Series Datasheet (52W-25691-xx) for additional information on the Tektronix PCI Express Logic Protocol Analyzer modules.

P67SA00 series probes for PCI Express

The P67SA00 series probes provide validation engineers with a comprehensive set of PCI Express probing solutions, including midbus, slot interposer, and solder-down connectors. With support for PCI Express Gen3 channel lengths up to 24 in. With two connectors, these probes offer minimal electrical loading with the highest signal fidelity and active equalization to ensure accurate data recovery of closed eyes. All P67SA00 series probes feature a graphical lane swizzling capability for maximum flexibility to accommodate unique circuit board layouts.

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