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AFG1000 시리즈

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교육 실험실에 적합한 가격과 보급형 장비:

•듀얼 채널
•대역폭 25 MHz
•5년 보증
•4 가지 작동 모드와 1mVpp ~ 10Vpp 출력 진폭으로 모든 유형의 실험실
파형 생성
•신규 모델: AFG1022
TekSmartLab™ 실험실 장비 관리 소프트웨어는 교육 시간에 직접적인
활용을 위해 경제적인 텍트로닉스 오실로스코프, 신호 발생기,
디지털 멀티미터, 전원 공급기를 통합합니다.
27~30일 내 배송

The AFG1000 Series Arbitrary Function Generator provides a waveform generation tool with the best price performance ratio. It includes two models with dual channels, up to 60 MHz bandwidth and up to 10 Vp-poutput amplitude. The four run modes, 50 built-in frequently-used waveforms and the built-in 200 MHz frequency counter cover most waveform generation needs in your experiment and test jobs. The 3.95-inch TFT LCD, short-cut buttons, USB interface and PC software provide the most intuitive ways to configure the instrument.

Key performance specifications
  • Dual-channel, 25 MHz or 60 MHz sine waveforms, 12.5 MHz or 30 MHz square waveforms
  • 14 bits, 125 MS/s or 300 MS/s arbitrary waveforms with 8 k points or 1 M points record length
  • Amplitude 1 mVp-p to 10 Vp-p into 50 Ω loads
Key features
  • Continuous, sweeping, burst, and modulation modes (AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PWM) covers most requirements for students and other users to get the experiments/test job done
  • 64-MByte internal non-volatile memory for arbitrary waveform storage
  • Built-in 200 MHz counter with 6-digit resolution offers an easy and precise way of frequency/period/pulse width/duty cycle measurement
  • Standard USB host/device for memory expansion and remote control
  • Free ArbExpress makes user defined waveforms editing extremely easy through an external USB memory stick
  • Compatible with TekSmartLab™ for easy teaching and learning
  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • Electric and electronics experiments
  • Communications experiments
  • Sensor simulation
  • Functional test

Performance and features

1 μHz to 25 MHz or 60 MHz sine waveform range, with 12-digit or 1 μHz resolution and a ±1 ppm drift high stability time base, provides great signal fidelity in the frequency domain. With 1 mVp-pto 10 Vp-poutput amplitude range, and 14-bit or 1 mVp-presolution over the whole frequency range, there is no need to compromise between output amplitude and frequency any more.

Four different run modes cover most use cases with a cost effective solution. 50 most-frequently used standard and arbitrary waveforms are built-in for easy access. Up to 1 M points arbitrary waveforms memory enables users to replicate real world signals captured with a Tektronix oscilloscope or defined with ArbExpress. The built-in 200 MHz and 6-digit resolution frequency counter is an easy and precise way to measure frequencies/periods/pulse widths/duty cycles.

Ease of use

The high-resolution 3.95-inch color TFT display shows relevant settings and parameters in both text and graphic formats, which give users full confidence in their settings, and let them focus on the task at hand. The front panel shortcut buttons and rotary knob make accesses to most frequently used functions and settings with minimum effort and time. The built-in 64-MByte non-volatile memory together with USB stick memory interface, provide unlimited space for user-defined waveform storage.

Software and solutions

The user-defined arbitrary waveforms generated by the free ArbExpress software can easily be loaded on the AFG1000 with a USB memory stick.

As a building block of Tektronix educational solution, the AFG1000 can be embedded into TekSmartLab and enable a cost efficient and effective way of teaching, learning, and lab management.

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